Optimal training for the body, mind and spirit with minimal risk of injury results when the Principles of Fitness are properly implemented. Knowledge, awareness and practical application – these tools are the foundation for fitness professionals and the reason why they come to E-FITNESS®.

Certification Workshops

Personal Fitness Trainer Certification
Primary Group Exercise Certification
Kickboxing Certification
Step Certification
AFAA Challenge Exam
The Wave Workout™

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Since 1983, the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America, the World's Largest Fitness and TeleFitness® Educator™, has certified more than 250,000 instructors from 73 countries. AFAA’s goal is to provide the most up-to-date information and training for the fitness instructor as well as, to set the standards and trends of the fitness industry.
Specialty Workshops

Practical Pilates™
Practical Yoga Instructor Training
Floor, Core and More for Personal Trainers
Practical Skills & Choreography
KickBoxing Skills & Choreography
Step Skills & Choreography
Mat Science I
Mat Science II
Midlife Fitness for Women
Aqua Fitness
Metabolic Connection to Obesity
Perinatal Fitness
Mechanics of Injury Prevention
Resistance Training - The Class Format
Longevity Training for Senior
Indoor Cycling

AFAA has established itself as the industry leader by creating afaa.com and e-afaa.com to meet the needs of its fitness professionals worldwide. Whether to earn CEUs, keep up with the latest fitness trends, prepare for certification, or manage your client's fitness program using AFAA's patented web-based software, afaa.com will enhance your career learning experience in new and exciting ways as well as offer the ultimate in affordability and convenience.